Nonda USB-C HDMI review: Foldable adapter offers a well-made travel option

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Nonda USB-C HDMI review: Foldable adapter offers a well-made travel option | Macworld

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  • nonda USB-C to HDMI Adapter [World’s First Foldable Adapter] with LED Indicator, Designed in Germany, Supports 4K/60Hz [UHD & DCI], for New MacBook Pro, MacBook 2016/2015, Chromebook

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It’s a little thing, but not having a USB-C to HDMI connector on a laptop becomes a big deal when you need to plug into a monitor or projector. Fortunately, a little thing can help: the Nonda USB-C to HDMI Adapter ($23 on Amazon) is compact and foldable, robust, and functional.

nando usbc hdmi 01Nando

Like many other HDMI adapters for USB-C ports, the Nonda translates DisplayPort video data at up to 4K (4096 by 2160 pixels) and up to 60 frames per second (fps). Where it’s unique is that it has a durable braided cable that wraps around the HDMI adapter portion, fitting snugly into a channel that also holds the USB-C jack’s head. This keeps the cable and adapter well protected while it bangs around in a bag.

nando usbc hdmi 02Nando

It’s a little under 2 by 2.5 inches when wrapped up; the cable is about four inches long when unfurled. In testing, the USB-C jack—at a right-angle to the cable, looking like an older MagSafe connector—plugs in firmly, something that’s unfortunately not always the case with adapters. And it offers the expected flicker-free external 4K monitor support.

Bottom line

For an adapter to always have on hand in a bag, the Nonda hits the mark squarely.

  • Macworld Rating


    • Folds down to a compact size
    • USB-C plug snaps into adapted when stored for protection
    • Durable braided cable

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